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Grand Fief de la Cormeraie Grande Réserve

Grand Fief de la Cormeraie Grande Réserve
Appellation Muscadet Sèvre et Maine sur lie
Grape variety Melon B.
Yield 40HL/HA
Terroir The vineyard of the Grand Fief de la Cormeraie is implanted on a clayey-schist layer of about forty centimetres covering a set of sedimentary rocks: gneiss with two micas and garnet.
Winemaking methods The grapes are picked at optimum ripeness. The solid and liquid parts are separated by pneumatic pressing. A light settling of the juice is done before the alcoholic fermentation, which will then take place for a fortnight under temperature control. The wine will clarify during the winter and the lees will be formed: the lees being the result of a natural sedimentation of yeasts and solid elements. The Muscadet is not racked at all, which allows it to capture a peak of carbon dioxide during fermentation, giving the wine a “sparkling” sensation. Nevertheless, to allow the potential of the vines and the terroir to be exalted, this cuvée is left on its lees for 14 months.
Tasting The wine has a yellow colour with golden reflections. The nose is expressive: white flowers and white fruits dominate (peach, apple). On the palate, the wine is very structured and mineral. Aromas of dried fruits blend elegantly with slightly honeyed aromas.
Recommended with… It is the perfect companion for gastronomic dishes such as scallops, langoustines, or large shellfish.
To be enjoyed chilled at around 10°C/12°C.