The Estate: “The wine merchant Bernard Chéreau had acquired, in 1973, the Château du Coing, restored under the Directoire. It was his daughter, Véronique, who inherited it, now assisted by her own daughter, Aurore. Situated at the point formed by the confluence of the Sèvre and Maine rivers, the hillside vineyards of Château du Coing produce, on gneiss and orthogneiss, fat wines that evolve with majesty over fifteen years and more. Véronique Günther-Chéreau, who is involved in the recognition of the communal crus, also owns La Gravelle, a property located in Gorges, which produces fresher and mineral wines in their youth, as well as the Grand Fief de la Cormeraie estate, with more coated but balanced wines, in the commune of Monnières”.

Our wines: “from the entry-level vintages, we feel the classicism of the estate’s wines. They are very tonic whites, a little tight, with the classic firmness of nutmeg. We naturally increase in intensity and fullness with the wines of Château du Coing de Saint Fiacre. Château de la Gravelle is held by its austerity which promises a salty future.”

Château de la Gravelle Gorges 2014: 15.5/20

L’Ancestrale Monnières-Saint Fiacre 2015: 15.5/20

Anima Mea 2018: 14/20

Château de la Gravelle 2018: 14/20

Comte de Saint Hubert 2013: 15.5/20

Comte de Saint Hubert 2018: 15/20

Château du Coing de Saint Fiacre 2018: 15/20

Grand Fief de la Cormeraie: 14/20