Project Description

Château du Coing

Folie Blanche
Appellation Gros Plant du Pays Nantais sur Lie
Grape variety Folle Blanche
Yield 50HL/HA
Terroir Rocky outcrop of schist and gneiss.
Winemaking methods After pressing, the must undergoes cold settling for approximately 12 hours. It is then transferred to vats to give us control over the alcoholic fermentation. After alcoholic fermentation, all of the solid particles in the wine deposit at the bottom of the vat or barrel. This deposit is called the lees. At the end of winter, the wine is racked off its lees and bottled. No other racking is done during maturation which avoids any oxidation and conserves the wine’s freshness and exquisite aromas.
Tasting This is an extremely lively wine with a delicate, light body and elegant citrus-driven aromas. It is low in alcohol at 11% abv.
Recommended with… Gros Plant is ideal with all types of seafood, especially shellfish, thanks to its saline notes.
Enjoy chilled at approximately 12°C.