Project Description

Château du Coing

Les Petits Jupons
Appellation Muscadet Sèvre et Maine sur lie
Grape variety Melon B.
Yield 50HL/HA
Terroir Young vines.
Two-mica and garnet gneiss. The orientation of the hillside along the Maine river has led much of the gneiss to erode into sheets which are very weathered across the entire plot.
Winemaking methods Harvested in mid September. The must is naturally clarified by settling for 48 hours. After racking, the wine undergoes alcoholic fermentation, which lasts two to three weeks, then the yeast deposit along with the mineral and organic particles in the wine fall to the bottom of the vats, forming what we call the ‘lees’. These lees nourish the wine during maturation and also provide natural protection against oxidation.
Tasting This golden wine has a bold, zippy style with green apple and lemony aromas. It is very pure and rich in body. The palate is initially saline, before revealing youthful flavours and a fresh finish, highlighting the richness of the terroir.
Recommended with… Fish and shellfish. Also excellent as an aperitif or party wine.
Enjoy chilled at approximately 12°C.