Project Description

Château de la Gravelle

Queue de Morue BIO
Appellation Muscadet Sèvre et Maine sur lie
Grape variety Melon B.
Yield 50HL/HA
Terroir This vineyard has a rather unusual terroir as the subsoil is comprised of the volcanic rock gabbro, covered by a 40 cm-thick layer of clay.
Winemaking methods This wine is matured on its lees. Lees are the natural deposit formed by the solid particles in the wine over the winter. After alcoholic fermentation is complete, the wine rests on its lees all winter until bottling at the end of March.
Tasting This wine has delicate citrus aromas as well as notes of white flowers. It then tends to develop brioche-like notes after a few months in the bottle.
Recommended with… Perfect as an aperitif or with desserts. Also pairs well with white meats.
Enjoy chilled at approximately 12°C.