Project Description

Château du Coing

Audace du Coing
Appellation Vin de pays
Grape variety Melon B.
Yield 50HL/HA
Terroir Metamorphic bedrock: two-mica and garnet gneiss, covered with shallow soil. Micaschist and amphibolite can also be found.
Winemaking methods Grapes are harvested by hand. The harvest takes place in October when the grapes are over-ripe and have the optimal lever of sugar. The fermentation process lasts a month and a half. During the first weeks, the wine is fermented at a cold temperature of about 14°C. The temperature is then kept at 18°C to prevent any stoppage in fermentation. The residual sugar in the wine is approximately 50g per litre.
Tasting This wine has a nose of honey, quince and aromas of ripe fruits.
Its natural acidity provides beautiful balance on the palate.
Recommended with… Works equally well as an aperitif or with desserts like tarts, cakes and fruit salads. Will also pair nicely with cheese, some meats and exotic cuisine.
Enjoy chilled at approximately 12°C.